3 Reasons why we are attending AU 2016!


2 years ago today I penned a blog about why I wanted to attend our industry’s Super Bowl. For those of you in the industry we know this event as Autodesk University. Fondly referred to as “AU”, this event has loomed large in my mind since high school. I have always wanted to hear Carl Bass at the Keynote Address and see if he wore one of those turtle necks like Steve Jobs or meet the legend that is Lynn Allen.

As fate would have it this will be our first year making the pilgrimage to Autodesk University. If you have tried to convince yourself why you should attend AU, here are 3 reasons why we are attending. If this is your first year attending like us here at iCAD Solutions or you are a longtime attendee, we hope you enjoy our list.

  1. Interact – There is nothing more fulfilling in our human experience than interacting with other humans as we try to make sense of all that happens around us. This is the time to put faces and names together. A chance to meet the people who make the innovation possible that we all enjoy.
  2. Technology – Being able to witness all this software and hardware in person goes a long way in validation later on. You can tell your managers or other team members why you need to start implementing some of the technology on display.
  3. Learn – Knowledge is power. In this unique gathering of creative problem solvers you will see firsthand how teamwork makes the dream work. There will be plenty of opportunities to learn something that you can apply in your workflows.

Have you attended Autodesk University before? Is this your first time? If you see us, stop us and share your favorite memory of attending. Also be sure to check out some of our BIM Friends and their thoughts on AU.


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And be sure to visit our friends VIATechnik at Booth #1525

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  • Congrats!!! I wish we over here at The Nicholas Backing Group could attend but I’m pretty sure we will in the future (with you).

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